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  • Marquise of Guildford. Bespoke Diamond Jewellery in Platinum and Gold

About Marquise of Guildford

"In the world of fine jewellery and gemstones, the term Antwerp heritage resonates with special meaning. It denotes precision, absolute integrity, experience and tradition, all of which are imperative qualities when handling the most precious of jewels: the diamond."

With three solid generations of "Antwerp Diamond" experience gained over a fifty year period, Mr Filip Loots offers his expertise in his Marquise of Guildford boutique.

Mr Loots kicked off his career in the diamond industry in 1989 with an apprenticeship in his father's Antwerp diamond manufacturing plant. In 1991, he was awarded the diploma of 'Certified Diamond Grader' by the 'Diamond High Council' in Antwerp. Filip then undertook years of training and learning from master cutters, which enabled him to attain an intimate knowledge of this precious stone and discover in himself an undying passion.

It is precisely this passion that led Filip to establish his own diamond jewellery boutique ' Marquise of Guildford' in 2002. At Marquise of Guildford boutique, Filip offers his expertise and passion to every customer. His professional touch is present at all stages, from the design of each individual piece to the manufacturing of the product.

The exquisite pieces on offer at Marquise of Guildford boutique are artfully created in a way that successfully unites tradition with a directional modernity. Antique inspired designs are realised through cutting edge technology.

Every imaginative and original design starts life with the careful selection of gems. This forms the basis of all the superb pieces created. Only the finest of gems, diamonds and other precious stones, are used for Marquise of Guildford creations.

Mr Loots sources his diamonds only from Antwerp manufacturers with excellent and longstanding reputations. All diamonds come from legitimate sources not involving in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolutions.